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everyman's Hero
My poor long abandoned LJ. I miss you! I still keep up with y'all every once in awhile. I should comment more, but I'm a slacker.

Nowadays I blog here

I tumbl here

I twitter here

I love these:
Pippa SifKaylee Elizabeth

I should post more here - I probably will, but too many of my things go abandoned nowadays (see above pictures).

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Finally - my wedding pictures. Again, these are just the pictures that I showed to my friends at work. People at work are good friends with both of my parents, so I have a lot of my family - none of Brandon's family ... so this is just wedding pictures part 1. Also - right now I'm going with Photobucket still ... someday I'll upgrade.

Little Marcia and I - I already had this in my journal, so most of y'all have probably seen it.
little Marcia

the rest are hidden under hereCollapse )

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Welcome to my journal! I made my journal friends only for various reasons. Most of the reasons are gone, but I'm lazy and leaving it like this. Comment to be added!

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